SK* Session : Amy MacDonald

SK* Session : Amy MacDonald

SK* Session : Amy MacDonald

Un dimanche soir, chez moi. Le téléphone sonne pour me demander si je veux faire une SK* Session avec Amy MacDonald la veille de son concert à La Cigale. Oui. Bien sur.

Amy MacDonald

Depuis le temps que j’écoute Amy MacDonald, j’ai eu l’occasion de la voir 4 fois au fil de ses venues à Paris et en festivals, et j’ai toujours eu envie de la voir en acoustique, persuadé que l’exercice lui correspondrait à merveille. Après plusieurs prestations souvent décevantes sur scène, Amy MacDonald a pourtant livré un set travaillé, intéressant et dynamique au début du mois à La Cigale.
Le lendemain, rendez-vous était pris dans sa chambre de l’Hôtel Renaissance entre les Ternes et l’Etoile. Deux pièces sobres, modernes et lumineuses, une salle de bain en pierres noires, un balcon avec vue sur la Tour Eiffel… Un bien bel endroit pour une bien belle rencontre.
Amy arrive accompagnée de son manager. Timide, réservée, elle évite les regards étrangers mais ne rechigne pas à partager ses fraises Tagada. Après quelques réglages, elle interprète le premier single de son futur album avant d’entamer son désormais célèbre This is the life.

Amy MacDonald – Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over (SK Session)

Amy MacDonald – This is the life (SK Session)

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55 commentaires
  1. pauldpru

    [..YouTube..] Your voice is powerful!!
    Great song and guitar playing!

  2. Hordbrok

    [..YouTube..] I hate it, smells like pop. The first album was great because is diferent
    But this…..
    The first time i listen this i think it was paramore

  3. BladeAndSoul

    [..YouTube..] Wow this sounds exactly like the studio album o.O

    She worked on her accent when singing so it sounds like studio now love it.

  4. BladeAndSoul

    [..YouTube..] Oh and tbh i prefer her accent in some of her songs but this is the life sounds really good here from here great job amy you are gona be huge :)

  5. BladeAndSoul

    [..YouTube..] Lol this is one song not her entire album you stupid -.-.

    Listen too no roots and other preview of her new songs.

    Its one song and you think her entire album is like this.

    Youre the most stupid person i ever seen on youtube and im serious o.O.

    Her album is very different there is rock,pop,indie it’s amazing how she managed to implent it into one album.

    And btw pop isn’t crap it only sucks because of lady gaga and all those other fake hoes ruining it.

    Amy Macdonald can bring justice too it

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  7. Hordbrok

    [..YouTube..] Actualy i like this version, the version i hate is the final that apears in the album with thousands of instruments.
    Sometimes, a simple guitar is the best

  8. venaly3

    [..YouTube..] ja echt man hört ihren akzent nicht mehr so mir auch in berlin bei diesem lied aufgefallen.

  9. BladeAndSoul

    [..YouTube..] I hate pop myself but sometimes pop can be good if some people don’t make it way too much like lady gaga pop.

    Amy Macdonalds music is always good and her new album is freaking amazing i listened too all the previews and it’s so good and it’s just rockier it’s not poppier.

    Her first album was pop anyways and it still sounded different from other pop music and so does this.

  10. bgbelgorock

    [..YouTube..] @BladeAndSoul

    well done !!

  11. 96raindrop96

    [..YouTube..] SHE IS SO TALENTED!!! not the best one on the album in my opninion, but she is just amazing and her vocals are incredible and the lyrics so clever!!! She can sing so powerfully, would love to be like her when i grow up. She’s a great rolemodel. <3333333 her

  12. 96raindrop96

    [..YouTube..] @Hordbrok I do think that the first album was less pop than the second (I know that you probably can’t say that but you know what I mean). But still I think this is improved and she’s said herself that she’s never trying to write somekind of song they just come out, so at least she’s not trying to be something like some artists are ALL THE TIME!!! She’s unique and so talented, bless her!!! (Btw I’m not trying to say ur wrong)

  13. chettonex

    [..YouTube..] @BladeAndSoul I do not consider it was a “POP” album. Pop/Folk/Rock maybe

  14. chettonex

    [..YouTube..] @BladeAndSoul I think her accent is very natural. I dont believe that she had to “work it”

  15. Zwiebelauge

    [..YouTube..] What the F**k? Who needs more instruments??? That’s amazing.

  16. TheHomy666

    [..YouTube..] mehr davon

  17. Muslolyic

    [..YouTube..] what chors does she use ?? pleasse

  18. Muslolyic

    [..YouTube..] @Muslolyic chords *

  19. hallopapi

    [..YouTube..] i love you…

  20. hallopapi

    [..YouTube..] Wow….

  21. skin174

    [..YouTube..] ….nicht schlecht

  22. KaatieMoon

    [..YouTube..] @Muslolyic
    Dm 000231 Fadd9 000331 C 032010 F 133211
    for chorus and bridge she use Dm 000231 Fadd9 000331 F 133211 Am 002210.
    Hope it helped .

  23. Muslolyic

    [..YouTube..] @KaatieMoon Thank u so much :D

  24. KaatieMoon

    [..YouTube..] @Muslolyic
    i made a mistake soryy for for chorus and bridge she use a7- 002010 istead of
    Am 002210 . Try to play that now its okay ;] See you

  25. rahgce

    [..YouTube..] her voice is like SHAKIRA ?;>

  26. 777chachu

    [..YouTube..] @Hordbrok if you are not deaf you can recognise that firs was more pop

  27. 777chachu

    [..YouTube..] @rahgce who is shakira? :D

  28. rahgce

    [..YouTube..] @777chachu beutifull Columbian Girl :D

  29. 777chachu

    [..YouTube..] @rahgce I prefer beautiful scotish girl :D

  30. AnAmazingYou

    [..YouTube..] hey ! awesome!

    i play it like this : Em C D G
    like 5 times… and than: EM C G D
    i don’t really know sure it’s a good way to play the song ?!

    do someone can help me?


  31. AnAmazingYou

    [..YouTube..] hey ! awesome!

    i play it like this : Em C D G
    like 5 times… and than: EM C G D
    i don’t really know sure it’s a good way to play the song ?!

    do someone can help me?


  32. Laurent

    Jolies prises !
    N’y en a-t-il que deux au fait ?
    Avec quoi travailles-tu ?
    J’adore ses deux albums, pop mais avec de belles mélodies, et mon Dieu quelle voix !
    Merki !

  33. Alain GAlain

    On tourne avec des 5DmkII

  34. christina1993guitar

    [..YouTube..] @AnAmazingYou play the dm Bb c f trhu the whole song you will figure it out ;) cheers christina

  35. TheCrazeyMe

    [..YouTube..] suuuuuuper klasse ..ich höre sie so gerne.. bekomm net genug von Amy…

  36. aluminio95

    [..YouTube..] She is beautifull like her voice

  37. mrwillson70

    [..YouTube..] she is soooo great

  38. Sagitariusification

    [..YouTube..] schön zu wissen dass es solche künstler gibt!!

  39. julka3146

    [..YouTube..] beautiful girl ;))
    love you Amy :*

  40. Wurschthaut270384

    [..YouTube..] nice grading

  41. Conanochi99

    [..YouTube..] Der song ist TOLL!!!!!! ^^

  42. sideburnbasher

    [..YouTube..] Hä,she is scottish,what do YOU think she sounds like??

  43. MyPartygirl100

    [..YouTube..] @Sagitariusification und diese lied von amy macdonald ist der hammer

  44. betwixttheknobheads

    [..YouTube..] More fun meet less emissions

  45. joao11632

    [..YouTube..] Great :)

  46. Brettser08

    [..YouTube..] Love this!

  47. SarntBullPup72

    [..YouTube..] FIT

  48. Panfuinfos

    [..YouTube..] Beste :)

  49. melishable

    [..YouTube..] LOVE THİS GİRL..

  50. Siberian68

    [..YouTube..] I think she is awesome :-)

  51. rohl1979

    [..YouTube..] Biggest respect!

  52. Kresnik2015

    [..YouTube..] Beautiful voice, beautiful guitar , beautiful woman , beautiful room.. all is beautiful in this video :)

  53. FelipeRivendel

    [..YouTube..] I just LOOOOOOOOOOVE this song with her voice.
    When I first heard it whole, I fell in love with this song.

    And she´s pretty.


  54. mesterorange

    [..YouTube..] nice 

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