SK Session : Caro Emerald

Caro Emerald - session acoustique - Back It Up

Caro Emerald vient d’un pays plus connu pour ses tulipes, ses moulins à vent et ses herbes parfumées que pour sa musique. Alors qu’elle cartonne aux Pays-Bas, sa musique n’est pas parvenue dans les charts français et pourtant elle ne chante pas dans sa langue maternelle, qui voyage assez mal, mais en anglais.

Caro Emerald

Nous avions rendez-vous dans une boutique du marais mais le lieu ne m’inspirant guerre, je fais marcher toute l’équipe à quelques centaines de mètres de là, sur les quais de scène. Le bruit ambiant y était plus fort que je ne l’imaginais mais le cadre est nettement plus typique que la boutique initialement prévue. Caro Emerald interprète le premier extrait de son album “Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor”, Back It Up.

Caro Emerald – Back It Up

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185 commentaires
  1. Shengz220492

    [..YouTube..] i wanna i wanna i wanna
    back it up and do it again. ;)

  2. foreverVanney

    [..YouTube..] Who’s that guitarist? I love her voice, she’s amazing! But the guitarist is awesome too!

  3. MrWestpole

    [..YouTube..] C#m Cm7 and B7 i think?

  4. Lemniskaten

    [..YouTube..] I’ve got a ring similar to the one of the guy. Cool.

  5. mylene laputerine

    j’adore hihihihihi – lol trop bien caro je t’aime – kisss you

    peace hihi

  6. himbeersauce

    [..YouTube..] sorry, but wrong.
    Rights are : C#m G#m F#6

  7. 65rapunzel

    [..YouTube..] Absolutely amazing !!! Greetings from Perú.

  8. MrZebra1902

    [..YouTube..] i want listen to the song from the middle to the top to the end♥

  9. nelfurdui

    [..YouTube..] great version…live music is the best

  10. twilight1407

    [..YouTube..] Irgendwie sieht das immer aus wollte sie versuchen den Nagellacken zu trocknen. :D

  11. canDyBOo93

    [..YouTube..] she´s beautiful !!

  12. YonN35

    [..YouTube..] I’m not sure for the F#6.. can you give a tab ?

  13. YonN35

    [..YouTube..] @himbeersauce
    I’m not sure for the F#6.. can you give a tab ?

  14. dylywyly

    [..YouTube..] @YonN35 learn to play real guitar, stupid tabs.

  15. YonN35

    [..YouTube..] @YonN35 That’s very kind of you ! thanks a lot..

  16. Cal3star

    [..YouTube..] You have voice and you’re beautiful ! I love your style

  17. thisispoul

    [..YouTube..] nice video! This quality should’ve been used for the stuck video too. looks more professional and has a nice vintage feel to it

  18. thisispoul

    [..YouTube..] in the end you hear caro saying, ‘now you can see that man standing there’ ;)

  19. ZimtChipsss

    [..YouTube..] looving it! :)
    does anybody has the chords for this awesome song?

  20. annemiau

    [..YouTube..] Caro Emerald is sooooo amazing. <3 I love her style <3 :)

  21. salcobre

    [..YouTube..] Bellissima versione,meno male che Dio fa nascere persone come Caro e la sua musica,che ci fa dimenticare le storture del mondo .

  22. NickPavlenko

    [..YouTube..] Phenomenal groove!
    Truly remarkable!

  23. luckychecco

    [..YouTube..] …give me some of that funky….
    she’s great!

  24. underneathabodhitree

    [..YouTube..] ooooh lovin’ this

  25. m9r1tz

    [..YouTube..] the guy with the guitar ist gay

    isnt he?

  26. marianiandrea0208

    [..YouTube..] That’s simply great!

  27. salcobre

    [..YouTube..] Fantastica in tutti i sensi…….bella musica ,bella persona…..

  28. ElliBieber

    [..YouTube..] @m9r1tz i don’t think so.

  29. andyroo010

    [..YouTube..] Great song, great singer

  30. TheNyaGirlXD

    [..YouTube..] Le manca un po’ di voce ma non è male :)

  31. Milkshakebina

    [..YouTube..] Einfach Genial!!!!!

  32. mammothfire

    [..YouTube..] @m9r1tz what difference would it make anyway?

  33. Spybreak01

    [..YouTube..] sitting on a corner and just simply playing on a guitar and singing :D coool :D

  34. mxriderHassy

    [..YouTube..] She’s kinda hot

  35. sannetjemijnsonnetje

    [..YouTube..] great!!! :) and she´s dutch. ^^

  36. sannetjemijnsonnetje

    [..YouTube..] great!!! :) and she´s dutch. ^^ me too. :-)

  37. sannetjemijnsonnetje

    [..YouTube..] the best song!! :) and its better than on the album! ^^

  38. DenisaSv

    [..YouTube..] I just can`t stop listening to caro`s music…and I even can`t forget about her:X:X:
    Greeting from ROMANIA!:)

  39. Mara14193

    [..YouTube..] its so cool.
    i´m dutch too

  40. ThePupD

    [..YouTube..] wow. 5 people are haters. respect for her and her awesome singing and the nice guitar!

  41. jeffer1984

    [..YouTube..] how can those people just sit in the background….
    i would dance on the streets right there !

  42. Bundloc

    [..YouTube..] that guitarist has a funny face and funny moves

  43. selmonyte13

    [..YouTube..] original talented awsome n it makes u swingin’… great voice n melody !

  44. TheAntoine33600

    [..YouTube..] tout dans cette chanson est magnifique, du moment de duo au mouvement rythmique de ces mains sur la guitare en passant froncement de sourcile irésistible à 1:19 .

  45. freakedlikethis

    [..YouTube..] wow.
    i first listened this song on tv
    and now i can’t stop hearing.

  46. ZikrieX

    [..YouTube..] He kinda looks and sounds like Link from RhettandLink >.>

  47. LAuRaa7788

    [..YouTube..] I Love This Music Style ! !♥

  48. duggs1uk

    [..YouTube..] it dont get much better than that, outstanding

  49. nawinee

    [..YouTube..] โอ๊ยย…รักเธอว์….<3<3<3

  50. spamhead2k

    [..YouTube..] Guitarist is Mark Lamarr from Never Mind The Buzzcocks lol

  51. salcobre

    [..YouTube..] Fantastica!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. ciccetta75

    [..YouTube..] meraviglia!

  53. monrosefan100

    [..YouTube..] I LOVE IT <3

  54. SpaceAntiques

    [..YouTube..] I love this song

  55. karolecampesine

    [..YouTube..] chords please?

  56. Laska8584

    [..YouTube..] Ten co daje palec w dół jest zazdrośnikiem takiego pieknego głosu Caro ;***
    Caro I’love you!!!!

  57. Madzia151611

    [..YouTube..] <3

  58. Deeballa7

    [..YouTube..] who dislikes this song????

  59. littesinger444

    [..YouTube..] just wonderfull <3

  60. Brazzo2010

    [..YouTube..] ich finds hammer wer dafür ist daumen HOCH!

  61. DieselGaso

    [..YouTube..] paskaa.

  62. jerrulbrit

    [..YouTube..] Brilliant. Plain and simple!!!!

  63. 123123smiley

    [..YouTube..] Toll <3

  64. justRuwanthi

    [..YouTube..] why wud any one dislike this… errr…

  65. burzujka

    [..YouTube..] I love this song, I love the way she is singing & I love this guy;)

  66. RunrigFan

    [..YouTube..] Wonderful; amazing singer

  67. roccabinuzza21

    [..YouTube..] write ITALIANAMENTE on google to know Carol Emerald relatives

  68. InwestycjaLichen

    [..YouTube..] Crimen Sollicitationis

  69. Vonndetta

    [..YouTube..] Here is real music. Raw and real. Doesn’t get any better.

  70. IsabellaCarolinaLoui

    [..YouTube..] Haha, dat eind; ‘zie die man daar nou eens staan’.

  71. StarChameleon

    [..YouTube..] O-O Pure awesomeness

  72. alexcal2

    [..YouTube..] How to dislike this woman??? Gorgeous voice, great body, natural not skinny and this song is stuck to repeat forever in my iPod!

  73. MissTootje99

    [..YouTube..] she’s simply great!! I love her music

  74. kilikubluk

    [..YouTube..] The guitarrrrrrrrrrr <3 qhat type is it?

  75. BillyTalentguitar1

    [..YouTube..] It´s an old Höfner. It´s from Germany like me :D

  76. ticket2maars

    [..YouTube..] Er sieht beim singen leicht doof, doch wenn er nur gitarre spielt sieht der eig. echt gut aus :-) ♥ i love her!

  77. scaponyx

    [..YouTube..] the “the middle to the top to the end” part sounds to me like ive heard it before

  78. idontam

    [..YouTube..] Crimen Sollicitationis

  79. ISSAY68

    [..YouTube..] what is her nationality?

  80. SoulKitchenfr

    [..YouTube..] @ISSAY68 She is Dutch

  81. ChubbyChicken1792

    [..YouTube..] you know an artist is truly talented when they can do acoustic like this. Amazing! Love you!!!!

  82. Llaura0me

    [..YouTube..] They’re amazing … :X:X

  83. Rm25Band

    [..YouTube..] nice ;)

  84. SieLiebtChristoph

    [..YouTube..] Das ist voll geil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  85. alexcal2

    [..YouTube..] Caro Emerald! The new best thing!!!

  86. yoyomistermara

    [..YouTube..] so good! i love her voce.. and .. this dude play verry wel i need lirycs where i can find it.?

  87. ISSAY68

    [..YouTube..] @SoulKitchenfr

    Two thumbs then to the Dutchess!!!

  88. chucku00

    [..YouTube..] Slaave 2 !

  89. SuperLimeDude

    [..YouTube..] is anyone smart enough to find out what chords is this guy using and tell me? :D thanks.

  90. ElectroRain82

    [..YouTube..] Why is she so fine

  91. aniagniech

    [..YouTube..] wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. 79marcinl


  93. BillyTalentguitar1

    [..YouTube..] How can he not look at her all the time???

  94. flowersigns

    [..YouTube..] yeah! :-)

  95. flashvlad


  96. mashedb

    [..YouTube..] Mcflyyyyyyyyyyyy

  97. UnoriginalPoserKid

    [..YouTube..] she soooo sassy.

  98. lordrandal90

    [..YouTube..] can I download it?

  99. MrDeiv666

    [..YouTube..] i love this girl

  100. Ransbach85

    [..YouTube..] DAS nenn ich mal Musik! 7 Leute haben keine Ahnung! :)

  101. bansheethh

    [..YouTube..] Who is this guy? send it to me to Mexico!

  102. MiriamKappa

    [..YouTube..] meravigliosa!

  103. natsdad300

    [..YouTube..] this woman is all class

  104. Mrsbeautifulday

    [..YouTube..] how talented Caro is!! I adore her and his guitar is awesome!!!! perfect!!!!

  105. Tomadoxxx

    [..YouTube..] What a nice guitar !
    What type is it ?

  106. discodancer69

    [..YouTube..] big girls sing better

  107. ebutuoy62

    [..YouTube..] @Tomadoxxx it’s a höfner archtop jazz guitar from the 60ies
    try to google:
    first hit is it

  108. ebutuoy62

    [..YouTube..] @Tomadoxxx Höfner Guitar Model 455 from the late 50’s

  109. TheDaDude69

    [..YouTube..] how to reconize real artists ? a single guitar & a single voice. respect !

  110. qiovanni

    [..YouTube..] back it up and do it again

  111. MissAmelieStar

    [..YouTube..] @SoulKitchenfr What is Dutch???? Do you mean Deutsch/German?

  112. MissAmelieStar

    [..YouTube..] @SoulKitchenfr What is Dutch? Do you mean Deutsch/German?

  113. TheDaDude69

    [..YouTube..] @MissAmelieStar no no. dutch. from netherland. not deutsch/german

  114. Romamb

    [..YouTube..] @SoulKitchenfr she is hot, nevermind dutch :o)

  115. missyaerocketeores17

    [..YouTube..] roooh la la mais comment ça swing !!! J’A-DO-RE

  116. para95gr

    [..YouTube..] i think she seems to zaz!

  117. 2BlueButterfly

    [..YouTube..] OMG that’s amazing!!!!!! O.O

  118. TheoK149

    [..YouTube..] what is the name of the guitarist? i’m totally in love with him.. :))

  119. ChipKoekjes

    [..YouTube..] this song gets shit after 2:30.

  120. StramkSe

    [..YouTube..] AMAZING! :)

  121. wdcbutterfly

    [..YouTube..] @TheoK149
    Haha…before I read some of the comments on this video I thought that only I could be crazy enough to think that I’m in love in that guitarist. It’s easy for Caro to sing a song like this one when a man like him is around. :p
    I absolutely love both of them. :)

  122. TheoK149

    [..YouTube..] @wdcbutterfly there are no words how much i love this version of the song. not just about Caro, rather about the guitarist guy (i still dont now his name), that voice he has… not surprising that i can’t flee :D it was love at first sight. and i’m happy that someone else feels the same. it shows i’m not too crazy.. or just i’m not alone with my madness :D

  123. desinger1x

    [..YouTube..] @TheoK149 Wieger Hoogendorp, he is dutch to!!

  124. TheoK149

    [..YouTube..] @desinger1x thanks a lot!! (:

  125. kookain123

    [..YouTube..] @SuperLimeDude : Dm and Gm, all the time :)

  126. samilkorkmaz2

    [..YouTube..] Very nice… The guy looks like Noam Chomsky in the 60’s :)

  127. spacej0ckey

    [..YouTube..] @TheoK149 ……….Thomas Müller ..

  128. MrAlienAlbi

    [..YouTube..] <3 Caro Emerald !

  129. hollywoodblue1

    [..YouTube..] AWESOME shes amazing music is on the change welcome Caro Emerald – Just what we need top love her

  130. straycatkid

    [..YouTube..] @samilkorkmaz2 I think he also looks a bit like Crispin Glover around the time he hanging out in Hill Valley.

  131. chucku00

    [..YouTube..] Ce qui est sublime dans ce clip c’est que tant au niveau de la réalisarion que de l’interprétation tout le monde était dans le vibe 50’s, ça aurait été Ella et Django que ça n’aurait pas été mieux !

  132. TheJesy483

    [..YouTube..] you are amazing

  133. TheNikki124

    [..YouTube..] Im gay of him :D

  134. 08freewilly80

    [..YouTube..] Das ist die Essenz! Die Zwei – Ich dreh gleich durch! Absoluter Wahnsinn wowwwwwww

  135. JayleyBieber

    [..YouTube..] I know her in real life ! I have met her once ! She is a great singer !

  136. mysterymelody

    [..YouTube..] Wow the man playing the guitar is hot. SSH dont tell my boyfriend~!

  137. MissCharlycat

    [..YouTube..] schön :)

  138. btam83

    [..YouTube..] What kind of guitar is he using?

  139. RCjiter

    [..YouTube..] Does anyone know which Tuning he is using?
    my Guitar doesnt sound like his when i grad this Chords…

  140. Mrsteffmolo

    [..YouTube..] @btam83 It’s a Gibson Super 400 CES. That makes a wonderful sound. It especially suites Caro Emerald’s voice.

  141. kattatonia13

    [..YouTube..] I so love Caro =)

  142. ukuleletyke

    [..YouTube..] The guitar is a Hofner from the ‘sixties. You can see the maker’s name under the bridge, next to the pickguard.

  143. lelaki88

    [..YouTube..] damn that guy is fucking suave. no homo.

  144. einneeuq

    [..YouTube..] does anyone know the chords his playing?

  145. rocknrollrocks98

    [..YouTube..] @Mrsteffmolo it’s not a gibson you can see ”hofner” on 0:46

  146. Mrsteffmolo

    [..YouTube..] @rocknrollrocks98 uhm, yes you’re right. I didn’t notice the label written on the guitar… I searched on the net and I found that it’s a HOFNER VINTAGE mod. 456. Thanks for the clarification.

  147. rocknrollrocks98

    [..YouTube..] @einneeuq I find some chords who look like, with a capo on the 4th fret. The chords are A, F, and E.

  148. iatethesmiths

    [..YouTube..] Lovely guitar

  149. SnORsOuNDzZz

    [..YouTube..] @einneeuq i think it’s Dmb – Gmb, kai during the chorus he also plays Amb at some point.

  150. Sylvinho42

    [..YouTube..] who is the guitarist and what’s this guitar ? please !

  151. ilovetaylorswiftxx1

    [..YouTube..] OMG i love Caro she rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  152. lepetitdiscordance

    [..YouTube..] @Sylvinho42 Wieger Hoogendorp is the guitarist and the guitar is a Hofner vintage 456

  153. Sylvinho42

    [..YouTube..] Thank’s ” lepetitdiscordance “

  154. ilovetaylorswiftxx1

    [..YouTube..] i am gonna make a cover

  155. turkdna

    [..YouTube..] I wanna learn the chord that he plays on the first and second fret

  156. BillyTalentguitar1

    [..YouTube..] @lepetitdiscordance Are these guitars expensive?

  157. lepetitdiscordance

    [..YouTube..] @turkdna I’m not pretty sure if they still made this model, maybe somebody else could help me with this info, but I think you can get a replica or something. And mostly you can find originals on auctions for like 1.500 or 3.000 in most expensive cases. Maybe you can get something less expensive but still awesome quality sound like a Godin 5th avenue for like $500 – $650. Check on youtube for sound review

  158. lepetitdiscordance

    [..YouTube..] @turkdna 2-x-1-2-2-x

  159. lepetitdiscordance

    [..YouTube..] @BillyTalentguitar1 I’m not pretty sure if they still made this model, maybe somebody else could help me with this info, but I think you can get a replica or something. And mostly you can find originals on auctions for like 1.500 or 3.000 in most expensive cases. Maybe you can get something less expensive but still awesome quality sound like a Godin 5th avenue for like $500 – $650. Check on youtube for sound review

  160. szubotindanica

    [..YouTube..] who is that boy?? :D he plays very good….:)

  161. CHBtm

    [..YouTube..] 11 people don’t know how to back it up.

  162. ChristopherPeagram

    [..YouTube..] I love it! It´s a very great earwig ! Thanks for producing this song!

  163. ahlijing

    [..YouTube..] Did anyone else catch the last part when the guys laughs and says im so stoned

  164. knat118

    [..YouTube..] id buy that for a dollar

  165. pozegausaill

    [..YouTube..] Love her ..Send her to USA!!! :)))))))))

  166. vpholwanna

    [..YouTube..] The guitarist has the most fucking amazing sense of style. And I love his hairstyle.

    Obligatory not homosexual comment.

  167. misterHUB42

    [..YouTube..] c’est frais, c’est cool…..

  168. TheDemianBoss

    [..YouTube..] It is just PERFECT! Pure Swing Times! Something we need and it was absent for years! Indeed, you are right! Acoustic that minors studio recording!

  169. chucku00

    [..YouTube..] @BillyTalentguitar1 Thomann dawt de is your friend !

  170. bookshopcasanova

    [..YouTube..] i am sure that she banged the guitarman…

  171. adri79ns

    [..YouTube..] so like them…and this version is awsome

  172. shukinal

    [..YouTube..] Back up that ass. ;) and do it again.

  173. NdyDou

    [..YouTube..] woa super !j’adore :):) !!!!!

  174. prettylittlescars

    [..YouTube..] She’s amazin.

  175. bastification1

    [..YouTube..] where was this vid shot???paris, prague…??

  176. LordPorta1

    [..YouTube..] OOOOMG.. so amazing.. so sexy… so good.. so perfekt.. this is music!!

  177. RCjiter

    [..YouTube..] The Guitar Player Says at the End: Im so stoned! :D

  178. annmanio

    [..YouTube..] c’est un belle voix!!!!

  179. Traumtaenzerin55

    [..YouTube..] very nice voice!

  180. MagecMusic

    [..YouTube..] Love this artist and this style !! Should be more of this!

    I made my own cover of a song called “Titanium” and tried to give an oldish vibe, using more vocals and less instruments jus to make it different :) I wish everyone hear could visit my channel and listen to it or look for Magec –

  181. giannosfor

    [..YouTube..] that guy is so cool!!!!

  182. laertefidelisdias

    [..YouTube..] sem palavras, isso é bom, muito bom

  183. iskrabla

    [..YouTube..] i adore her. amazing.

  184. ObsedatDeMasini

    [..YouTube..] great song thumbs up!!!!!:X

  185. LauraSkull185

    [..YouTube..] is it just me or does a guy who knows how to play an instrument become 10x sexier XD

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