SK Session : Florence And The Machine

Florence And The Machine - vidéo acoustique
Après une flopée de singles, la toute déglingo Florence And The Machine débarque pour quatre concerts en France dans le cadre du festival des Inrocks.

Florence And The Machine

C’est ainsi que quelques heures après son arrivée à Paris – elle jouait à l’Aeronef de Lille la veille – et quelques heures avant qu’elle ne joue à la Cigale en qualité de tête d’affiche après le désistement presque surprise de La Roux, nous l’avons rencontrée à son hôtel non loin de Montmartre qu’elle mourrait d’impatience de visiter.

C’est une toute petite fille timide que nous voyons arriver Florence Welch accrochée à son Blackberry. Habillée en Mary Ingalls des temps modernes, capillairement rousse, un brin hystérique dès qu’elle parle avec son musicien : c’est bien la joliment dingue Florence que nous avons en face de nous. Pourtant, elle semble très fermée, presqu’incapable de communiquer avec les gens qu’elle ne connait pas, tremblante comme une feuille d’automne lors de la première interview… Mais dès qu’elle se met à chanter, Florence Ingalls Welch se transforme tel un Powers Rangers musical en Florence And The Machine, la bête scénique qui a fait le tour du monde avec son tube Kiss With A Fist.

Florence And The Machine “Kiss With A Fist”

La version acoustique de “Kiss With A Fist” est plus courte que la version live, c’est pourquoi Florence And The Machine nous propose un second titre : “My Boy Builds Coffins”. Un titre plus lent et plus intime et qui permet de mettre encore plus en avant la magnifique voix de Florence.

Florence And The Machine “My Boy Builds Coffins”

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95 commentaires
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  2. ZiKomAgnesZiKomAgnes

    J’aime bien la fin de la deuxième chanson, juste après le moment de flottement, quand elle fait mine de frapper son guitariste en guise de compliment.
    Elle est fascinante – en live, elle nous en a mis plein les mirettes!

  3. abds69 -

    En acoustique elle a du coffre la miss !! La colorimétrie est bien. Je t’ai mis en lien.

  4. Alain GAlain

    Merci, c’est cool :)

  5. bunglebow

    [..YouTube..] Beautiful !! Folrance+the machine twinkle and shine so well together.If only more built coffins.

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  7. sss104

    [..YouTube..] She’s fantastic!
    I like the way she dresses. Her shoes are perfect!!! I’m crazy about the shoes!!
    And her :)

  8. cr1eger

    [..YouTube..] great

  9. giraffe2872

    [..YouTube..] i hav a bit of a girl crush on flo. lol

  10. amberisabella

    [..YouTube..] @giraffe2872 Ditto. :P

  11. superdeadfrog

    [..YouTube..] @giraffe2872 ha same its real weird coz im not interested in girls but its just florence im really attracted to XD lol

  12. graceofacat

    [..YouTube..] soul kitchen as in the movie??

  13. wonapalie

    [..YouTube..] bliss

  14. Freektown

    [..YouTube..] She looks like she really doesn’t to be there… LOL

  15. reallyincroyable

    [..YouTube..] I love the way she sings the ‘for you’. So silent,but so strong ♥

  16. kathysoiio

    [..YouTube..] awesome!!

  17. superdeadfrog

    [..YouTube..] @giraffe2872 who doesnt have a girl crush on flo?! she’s stunning <3

  18. wackyhardcore

    [..YouTube..] Poop ballss

  19. beapot

    [..YouTube..] I love this song so much. It’s refreshing in this day and and age to find an artist that can actually sing. Also she is very talented with an earthy quality to her voice that is very soothing. Anyway her music is brilliant and unique.

  20. giraffe2872

    [..YouTube..] wow, thats the first time i’ve ever seen so many likes for one of my comments, thankyou everyone, i really appreciate it. thankyou seriously. i gotta say though flo is a LEGEND, nuf said. x

  21. Marlens93

    [..YouTube..] @giraffe2872 i am a girl, i am straight, but definately going to bring with me a billboard saying ”Florence Welch will you please marry me?” to the next gig. i really will do that

  22. Marlens93

    [..YouTube..] ahahah she needs to move but she can’t. Can’t you feel the pain?

  23. olya123100

    [..YouTube..] love love loev)

  24. giraffe2872

    [..YouTube..] @Marlens93 good on ya! FLO WE <3 U!

  25. EIFanGirl

    [..YouTube..] I love this song

    P.S. The first thing that popped in my head when I was Soul Kitchen was the Doors song with the same title.

  26. sweetdream0123

    [..YouTube..] i love florence and the machine <3

  27. LenA9996

    [..YouTube..] Just one word: Unbelievable!

  28. karlijean93

    [..YouTube..] @giraffe2872 I have a completely full blown girl crush on her haha

  29. jtolls

    [..YouTube..] @giraffe2872 haha. I’m a girl and I’m gay so I absolutely have a crush on Flo =) She’s just fantastic. I saw her recently and the concert was by far the best I’ve been to. I love that she sings almost all her live gigs w/o backing vocals. The sound is so pure. Anyway, that’s my Flo rant for the day… <3

  30. MadyRoseAnderson

    [..YouTube..] i absolutely love her fashion sense!!

  31. trancedanceandtechno

    [..YouTube..] @jtolls Bahahaha! I’m a man and I’m gay and I definitely have a crush on Flo.

  32. rymeswitreason

    [..YouTube..] stubborn people make the world go around….wootwoot

  33. rymeswitreason

    [..YouTube..] this red eye see’s no blame. but, here’s a little british love….

    seriously….there’s many but an easy one to remember. an idea the world was built on…seems simple but infinitely applicable, no shit.

    you are what you think, not what you think you are. don’t take this shit lightly

  34. ChanteclareHegemony

    [..YouTube..] Lovely
    :3 :3

  35. XXohexplosionsXX

    [..YouTube..] @sss104 That’s cool, but you forgot to mention her voice.

  36. MissEvaification

    [..YouTube..] @rymeswitreason all of what you said made no sense.

  37. BJxALI

    [..YouTube..] @rymeswitreason What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


    [..YouTube..] 2 people don’t want coffins.

  39. sheleeromo808

    [..YouTube..] it makes me sad when she starts crying. i love how her music gives me chills..

  40. kyussgre

    [..YouTube..] chhhilsssssssssss!!!! THE VOICE!

  41. STCemily

    [..YouTube..] @BJxALI I agree on all accounts, jiberish is the term!

  42. chelsieleigh195

    [..YouTube..] I could watch videos of Florence all day long and never get bored :’)

  43. Zeekers392

    [..YouTube..] 2:35 definantly

  44. gonnadoamagictrick

    [..YouTube..] @JESSCAAAALOVES yeah there gonna be cremated.

  45. iloveboneslots

    [..YouTube..] Hahah I loved the end ♥
    She is just so fantastic!!!

  46. beatlerock100

    [..YouTube..] @giraffe2872 A bit? A BIT???? I do hope that’s an understatement because she doesn’t deserve only a bit.

  47. bond007db9

    [..YouTube..] Im amazed at her shitness.

  48. smilingsquirrel

    [..YouTube..] The guitar sounds awesome.

  49. GuitarJohnJosh

    [..YouTube..] Very good!!! check out my cover:)

  50. Ryjowka24

    [..YouTube..] @bond007db9 Die.

  51. bond007db9

    [..YouTube..] @Ryjowka24 I hope you or your family die very soon. I hope you die before this song ends !

  52. etc1maria

    [..YouTube..] she’s amazing :|

  53. KETPR

    [..YouTube..] she sings like she is pained… please give us smiles, not pain nor boredom

  54. zimmcat

    [..YouTube..] very ugly and pale

  55. subforsubbbb

    [..YouTube..] @KETPR omg you think this is pain or boredom?! omg :O do you know anything about music? about her personality?! dude this is UNIQUE for god sake!

  56. hathatsme

    [..YouTube..] @zimmcat But her voice is amazing.

  57. ComicGami

    [..YouTube..] Astounding!

  58. fallen138angel

    [..YouTube..] I love the way that Florence dresses,she’s like a piece of art,like she lives in another era… I love her.! Useless to say that she has the best female vocals :)

  59. aryaloves

    [..YouTube..] @hathatsme Sorry, I didn’t mean to dislike this, I meant to dislike the one under this! I love Florence!

  60. aryaloves

    [..YouTube..] @zimmcat Umm, no! She was on the most 100 beautiful women in the …(world? I forget) and just cause shes pale doen’t mean shes ugly. I’m jealous of her skin!

  61. aryaloves

    [..YouTube..] @bond007db9 You! Why do you listen to her, and comment on her stuff, if you hate her!? YOU NEED TO DROP DEAD SON!

  62. bond007db9

    [..YouTube..] @aryaloves Awwwww diddums you’re such a doll. HOPE YOU DROP DEAD REAL SOON .

  63. Tekken57330

    [..YouTube..] @bond007db9 You do better then.

  64. kkkcccxx10

    [..YouTube..] I Love Her Voice ! But I’m Not A Huge Fan Of Her Music . It’s Ok xD
    This Isn’t A Hate Comment !

  65. 35TCK

    [..YouTube..] Super bluesy

  66. PurpleBritishPanda

    [..YouTube..] It’s weird to see Rob not playing on a Gibson…

  67. cockardo

    [..YouTube..] @PurpleBritishPanda
    Before he got the real 335 he was playing an epiphone dot…

  68. tisabiienit

    [..YouTube..] @kkkcccxx10 lol same shess got a nice voice its different x

  69. tisabiienit

    [..YouTube..] @kkkcccxx10 lol same shess got a nice voice its different x

  70. KRyann10

    [..YouTube..] I love florence, but for me the guitar and guitarist sole the show on this one

  71. neonladybugs

    [..YouTube..] Those 4 people are mental

  72. livevil12

    [..YouTube..] I’m gonna marry her someday.

  73. xXMizZaXx

    [..YouTube..] @livevil12 exactly .. someday hahahahaa

  74. amsterz1011

    [..YouTube..] she makes it look so easy

  75. x0summerskiss0x

    [..YouTube..] this song is so sexy! damn, love it!

  76. prettygirlx4

    [..YouTube..] 4 non complete abortions

  77. 1234ovk

    [..YouTube..] She sings so effortlessly!

  78. rosemaryironwood

    [..YouTube..] Hey haters, GO FUCK YOURSELVES.
    Flo ROCKS!

  79. MiyoGen

    [..YouTube..] i am obsessed about flo. that is all, thank you.

  80. bohemeanne1

    [..YouTube..] @giraffe2872 it’s okay, me too.

  81. ritasantos9

    [..YouTube..] its sounds nice :o

  82. a6forever1

    [..YouTube..] this made me lose my voice !! (:

  83. MissChineseTakeaways

    [..YouTube..] @zimmcat ….. ur soo mean get a soul

  84. MithMethy

    [..YouTube..] Does anyone know what the guitar he’s playing’s called? Brand/Model..?

    btw – loved this version


    [..YouTube..] it,s a gibson , idk the model, should be able to pick it out from there. LOVE ALL THINGS FATM ! AND ESPECIALLY FLORENCE LEONTINE MARY WELCH !

  86. bebedeo94

    [..YouTube..] i love her hair!

  87. mrpMusicfan

    [..YouTube..] MUSIC FANS…

    1. Open a new tab.

    2. Youtube: Symphonic Refrain

    3. Enjoy the music!

    THUMBS UP!! Spread it around!

  88. aryaloves

    [..YouTube..] 1 person disliked this. Why?

  89. aryaloves

    [..YouTube..] At the end, Rob was like, “Good Singing . . .” And Flo jumps up and says, “GOOD SINGING!” I love her <3

  90. 987hulio

    [..YouTube..] When she doesnt get to dance she looks like she is coming off a cocaine high and on ecstasy. It’s Fantastic

  91. ModifiedEvelyn

    [..YouTube..] @sss104 : Men shoes. My girl often wears them too.
    But I think the cameraman just tried to peek under her skirt. =D

  92. ModifiedEvelyn

    [..YouTube..] @aryaloves : Everyone has the right to fail.
    Little tolerance please!
    Merde elle parle français! Ça c’est joli.

  93. kyussgre

    [..YouTube..] DA VOICE!!!

  94. CsoTy

    [..YouTube..] Beautiful wishes she were florence

  95. bactheusllo

    [..YouTube..] Rob is so hot!

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