SK* Session : Selah Sue

Session acoustique : Selah Sue
Alain G - 13/12/2010

Lundi 6 décembre, la neige a recouvert les rues de Paris. Je me réfugie dans les locaux de Because pour retrouver Selah Sue. Nous nous retrouvons dans une très belle pièce, un boudoir conservé en état. Le parquet craque et ne me permet pas de bouger sans risquer de ruiner le son. Qu’a cela ne tienne, pas la peine de faire le ninja vidéaste, Selah Sue est suffisamment charismatique pour transmettre au delà de sa musique le petit quelque chose magique en plus.

Selah Sue arrive à captiver l’attention sur scène, que ce soit seule sur scène, comme en première partie de Patrice à la Coopérative de Mai ou en groupe, notamment aux Eurockéennes de Belfort de cette année. Cette session confirme l’impression de mes petits camarades qui l’ont vue sur scène. Et si vous n’avez pas l’occasion de la croiser en concert, son EP ‘Raggamuffin’ (5 titres) est déjà sorti (le 25 Octobre dernier).

Selah Sue – Summertime Bring Me Joy (SK Session)

Selah Sue – Fyah Fyah (SK Session)

Fou de musique au goûts éclectiques (électro, pop, rock, jazz...) fondateur de Soul Kitchen, réalisateur des SK* Sessions et photographe
    avatar x3lolitisx3lolitis:

    [..YouTube..] awesome babe :)

    avatar ShaneFoxXShaneFoxX:

    [..YouTube..] wow, j’adore!!

    avatar DisabledParanoiaDisabledParanoia:

    [..YouTube..] What a awesome voice.

    And she’s a perfect girl, in fact, the girl of my dream.

    avatar DisabledParanoiaDisabledParanoia:

    [..YouTube..] @DisabledParanoia an awesome*

    avatar bandanatouranabandanatourana:

    [..YouTube..] great song! Love the last part!! She’s a fighter fighter!

    avatar 4intentions4intentions:

    [..YouTube..] amazing artist

    avatar AnnaNicole87AnnaNicole87:

    [..YouTube..] I love this girl…she is going to be so big.. i blast her in my car.. i have the raphsody real player and you can convert the videos on here into mp3’s and put them into your ipod touch..i love it. shes awsome.

    avatar skitzskitzskitzskitz:

    [..YouTube..] love your prog!

    avatar wietoewietoe:

    [..YouTube..] love!

    avatar tchekov75tchekov75:

    [..YouTube..] Sublime! Elle chante avec son coeur et ça se voit!

    avatar MoutonnesqueMoutonnesque:

    [..YouTube..] Merci Taratata =)

    avatar tate77127tate77127:

    [..YouTube..] plays guitar and sing like lauryn hill, exactly the same


    [..YouTube..] Love this!

    avatar barutasebarutase:

    [..YouTube..] i think I’ll buy her CD…

    avatar InterscepterInterscepter:

    [..YouTube..] I lol’d.
    Sure its nice to listen to, but shut the héll up about her having an ‘amazing voice’….
    You might líke the voice, but it’s no way in hell a good singing voice.

    avatar realizyxrealizyx:

    [..YouTube..] 5secondes!!!! 5seconde de sa voie pour comprendre à qui on a à faire….Merci Mademoiselle je ne pensait plus entendre quelque chose de pareil en ce siècle.
    Merci encore

    avatar coltonbrandt1coltonbrandt1:

    [..YouTube..] haters gonna hate. lovers gonna love. i don’t even want, none of the above…

    avatar MarieJo64200MarieJo64200:

    [..YouTube..] pas besoin de prendre l’avion, fermer les yeux elle nous fait voyager j’adore Sue

    avatar SibuxiangeSibuxiange:

    [..YouTube..] Magnifique tout simplement !

    avatar rainbowtaliguideurainbowtaliguideu:

    [..YouTube..] @MarieJo64200 maman t’as gaspiller 5841euros pour l’avion direction le vietnam ^^ pauvre idiote ;)

    avatar MonroeLA90MonroeLA90:

    [..YouTube..] @Interscepter you obviously have some hearing problems

    avatar ray1988MEray1988ME:

    [..YouTube..] @Interscepter Idiot

    avatar InterscepterInterscepter:

    [..YouTube..] @MonroeLA90
    Shut the heck up, go check the facts, it’s proven that her range sucks.
    As I said, a great artist though.

    avatar MonroeLA90MonroeLA90:

    [..YouTube..] @Interscepter listen to her song crazy sufferin style and get back to me, and tell me what you think.

    avatar MonroeLA90MonroeLA90:

    [..YouTube..] @barutase I KNOW I’ll buy her CD…

    avatar MonroeLA90MonroeLA90:

    [..YouTube..] @ray1988ME Got that right.

    avatar TheDivaMiss21TheDivaMiss21:

    [..YouTube..] love her voice

    avatar 776OneShot776OneShot:

    [..YouTube..] Merveilleuse voix, merveilleuse chanteuse, les émotions passent tout de suite, il suffit de fermer les yeux et « d’ouvrir » les oreilles pour partir .. Merci à toi Mademoiselle.

    avatar SynB52SynB52:

    [..YouTube..] One person was holding its laptop upside down when hitting the like button.

    avatar MsObertanMsObertan:

    [..YouTube..] No1 can sing like her

    avatar bettyboopiebettyboopie:

    [..YouTube..] is she rolling?

    avatar xkusevaxkuseva:

    [..YouTube..] how old is she? she’s awesome.

    avatar ray1988MEray1988ME:

    [..YouTube..] Coming to Mundial 18-06-2011 Tilburg. Woot~!

    avatar TheOldSpiritTheOldSpirit:

    [..YouTube..] @Interscepter Butthurt classical singer detected.

    avatar InterscepterInterscepter:

    [..YouTube..] @TheOldSpirit
    Lol hell no, I hate classical music.
    I’m just saying that her range isn’t impressive, her style is though.
    So all of you fanbois get off my back and realise that I didn’t diss the girl.

    avatar InterscepterInterscepter:

    [..YouTube..] @MonroeLA90
    You tell me to listen to that song when I said her vocal range isn’t impressive…
    yet you let me hear a song where she isn’t using impressive vocal range?

    avatar NatiKuhnNatiKuhn:

    [..YouTube..] Anyone lyrics for this one?

    avatar Haferflocke100Haferflocke100:

    [..YouTube..] I don’t know why, but this woman touched me. She is very authentic and sings with her ​​heart … Perhaps it is this.

    avatar Ay4anAy4an:

    [..YouTube..] I wish i could kill the only person disliked this song..

    avatar FallowelFallowel:

    [..YouTube..] Pfiouh. -3

    avatar mrmonkeyballs14mrmonkeyballs14:

    [..YouTube..] at 2:75, hahahaha whos stoned, what the hell is 2:75????

    avatar mrmonkeyballs14mrmonkeyballs14:

    [..YouTube..] Even in the dark she has dialated eyes. She is either an alien and future peoples queen, or on something. Doesn’t mean she’s doing anything she shouldn’t, could be as simple as a perscription side effect. Now the person who thinks theres 75 seconds in a minute, thats from weed, or blond, probably blond on weed. Nice!!!

    avatar kirryablekirryable:

    [..YouTube..] Wie is die ene dombo die dit stom vond?

    avatar mrmonkeyballs14mrmonkeyballs14:


    avatar kol13860kol13860:

    [..YouTube..] enorme !! possédé par un demon soulblack la meuf !!

    avatar BEAH311BEAH311:

    [..YouTube..] Who cares what is making her eyes dilated. It looks damn sexy.

    avatar ottohinterseeerottohinterseeer:

    [..YouTube..] Yeah , I like this too!
    and if you like it, check out this FYAH remash right here FREE DOWNLOAD Telechargement Gratuit —> check out my videoos, it’s there

    avatar WooBoost97WooBoost97:

    [..YouTube..] T’es belle.

    avatar kristengarnerrkristengarnerr:

    [..YouTube..] she looks like leonardo dicaprio -titanic age.

    avatar SynthioticsSynthiotics:

    [..YouTube..] @mrmonkeyballs14 It’s in the dark that your eyes dilate in order to absorb more light. Although I’m pretty positive she smokes weed, most young people here do (me included), but that doesn’t dilate your eyes either ;)

    avatar beijaegerbeijaeger:

    [..YouTube..] love love love it

    avatar mrmonkeyballs14mrmonkeyballs14:

    [..YouTube..] There is a lot of women with better voices and looks, but, not one I’d rather see than this woman. She has really cool taste and is oozing of awesomeness.

    avatar bettyboopiebettyboopie:

    [..YouTube..] @mrmonkeyballs14 haha to your like first comment. yeah i thought she was rollin on ecstacy or something. her pupils are huge

    avatar jcaserio1jcaserio1:

    [..YouTube..] 720p makes the diference

    avatar MsLadyCatherineMsLadyCatherine:

    [..YouTube..] Amazing !!! This song is really beautiful ! and the vocal performance… FANTASTIC !!! what a voice !

    avatar michiwilsonmichiwilson:

    [..YouTube..] the black and white gives the song a good tuch… very nice :)


    [..YouTube..] this song is amazingly beautiful!

    avatar JeromeLDNJeromeLDN:

    [..YouTube..] Quirky sound, iLike ! =]

    avatar DisabledParanoiaDisabledParanoia:

    [..YouTube..] @metallica747474 Seems like she was lost, ahah :D

    avatar megatampertmegatampert:

    [..YouTube..] Tremendous, but drugs are bad mmmmkay

    avatar marijafrickmarijafrick:

    [..YouTube..] love her style veryyy much!

    avatar philippe5166philippe5166:

    [..YouTube..] Elle vient de passer a taratata elle est géniale
    J’adore et cette petite voix cassée quelle classe.

    avatar youngloganyounglogan:

    [..YouTube..] how could you not love this! let alone not like it????

    avatar o0Leena0oo0Leena0o:

    [..YouTube..] man! i can’t believe that i am just finding this session of hers. I am in love with her voice.

    avatar FeLiissaWwFeLiissaWw:

    [..YouTube..] This voice is gorgeous !

    avatar ThePolushkoThePolushko:

    [..YouTube..] обожаю её голос! :)

    avatar Vadannie9Vadannie9:

    [..YouTube..] Do you feel alone
    All by yourself
    Or do you need something more
    Do you feel alone
    All by yourself
    Or do you need something more
    Than this..
    amazing girl,thank you :D

    avatar mikeydynamomikeydynamo:

    [..YouTube..] Great song! Is the end from Lauryn Hill’s Mr Intentional?

    avatar RadbalahhouseRadbalahhouse:

    [..YouTube..] oh gosh… sweet!

    avatar RadbalahhouseRadbalahhouse:

    [..YouTube..] oh gosh… sweet! i want to marry you

    avatar kodyhasdeedkodyhasdeed:

    [..YouTube..] beautiful voice one of new favorite artists

    avatar GanjikaAranyakaGanjikaAranyaka:

    [..YouTube..] damn i love this girl

    avatar madikat3madikat3:

    [..YouTube..] This is fantastic. I’m totally buying her CD.

    avatar leneabesiichleneabesiich:

    [..YouTube..] Damn i got goosebumps!
    I love this song…

    avatar MistahE3MistahE3:

    [..YouTube..] Fuck Beer and Chocolate. From now on Belgian will be known as the country of Selah Sue !!

    avatar HerrBeeenediktHerrBeeenedikt:

    [..YouTube..] Her facial expression at 1:12 is just great. :D

    avatar 8NylJ8NylJ:

    [..YouTube..] This song is so touching. And it relates to me right now, I don’t feel as alone.

    avatar AndieRauhaAndieRauha:

    [..YouTube..] Sublime …
    I love it

    avatar julianadagostinojulianadagostino:

    [..YouTube..] Lindimaisss manolaa :]

    avatar SylvAz0SylvAz0:

    [..YouTube..] @DisabledParanoia So True…

    avatar DSRavenDSRaven:

    [..YouTube..] I love how her voice almost breaks for a second and then goes back to normal (1:22 to 1:24). The beauty of the accoustic version :)
    Gives me shivers everytime =D

    avatar KimlovesmusicetcKimlovesmusicetc:

    [..YouTube..] i keep on listening to this song and it touches me more every time

    avatar cerisedemalakcerisedemalak:

    [..YouTube..] sorry but why Soul Kitchen ??!

    avatar ThePyCoderThePyCoder:

    [..YouTube..] 1:06 little left eye twitch :D

    avatar krackedkristakrackedkrista:

    [..YouTube..] She Is A Gorgeous Girl With An Amazing Voice I Would Do Anything To Hear Her Live And Talk To Her Sadly I Don’t Speak Fluent French :(

    avatar SoulKitchenfrSoulKitchenfr:

    [..YouTube..] @cerisedemalak Because we love The Doors :)

    avatar TheXoGossipGirlxoxo1TheXoGossipGirlxoxo1:

    [..YouTube..] Boskie :***

    avatar AdiShaktiKaurAdiShaktiKaur:

    [..YouTube..] @krackedkrista Ze spreekt Vlams!

    avatar BelgianMusicBelgianMusic:

    [..YouTube..] @krackedkrista you don’t have to know french because her native language is flemish ;)

    avatar oma153oma153:

    [..YouTube..] belgian proud

    avatar EarthTraveller89EarthTraveller89:

    [..YouTube..] What a great artist. I’m definitely gonna follow her follow-ups :)
    Greetings from Greece

    avatar soban8skysoban8sky:

    [..YouTube..] amazing song ;) keep up the good work:)

    avatar TomBeuleTomBeule:

    [..YouTube..] selah sue ist echt mal ganz grosse klasse!!
    much bigger than all of the fukkin rest in the f… charts

    avatar getoutamyfacegetoutamyface:

    [..YouTube..] it’s like Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse met up in beautiful music heaven and embodied her. her voice is gorgeous.


    [..YouTube..] @getoutamyface I don’t think she’s on drugs mate.


    [..YouTube..] Do you need something more than this? No we don’t Selah.

    avatar vincentgilsonvincentgilson:

    [..YouTube..] La belgique t’aime ! :D

    avatar dapootjuhdapootjuh:

    [..YouTube..] @barutase
    Dont think, just go and buy iy!

    Devenue insupportable …

    avatar rasta4ianrasta4ian:

    [..YouTube..] It’s about time someone live up to Brel’s genius!

    avatar FibromatoseFibromatose:

    [..YouTube..] She’s so sweet… :)

    avatar beowulvenbeowulven:

    [..YouTube..] meh

    avatar jickopikjickopik:

    [..YouTube..] Wow!

    avatar DjihemdeeDjihemdee:

    [..YouTube..] A noter la qualité d’enregistrement sonore exceptionnelle!

    avatar JSoloJJSoloJ:

    [..YouTube..] man, i can watch her all day long!

    avatar Shamil699Shamil699:

    [..YouTube..] nice singing

    avatar sam131090sam131090:

    [..YouTube..] obligé elle est défoncée quand elle chante :O
    sinon j’adore, j’étais un peu sceptique d’acheter l’album sur conseils d’un ami car j’ai trouvé raggamuffin bon mais sans plus… Ben j’suis tombé amoureux et le cd tourne en boucle depuis… !

    avatar bare2barebare2bare:

    [..YouTube..] respect, no less, no more…

    avatar autteautte:

    [..YouTube..] i love this woman…. please marry meee

    avatar Celine1462008Celine1462008:

    [..YouTube..] I always understood FIRE FIRE :D

    avatar tataolafatataolafa:

    [..YouTube..] this is the answer…. :)))

    avatar areuthinkinareuthinkin:

    [..YouTube..] Her voice is amazing!

    avatar seniorarubiaseniorarubia:

    [..YouTube..] I LOVE THE WAY YOU FEEL!

    avatar birdboarderbirdboarder:

    [..YouTube..] She sounds like Jamaicans lol

    avatar LuxATemporeNostroLuxATemporeNostro:

    [..YouTube..] tears in my eyes..

    avatar j4zzboxj4zzbox:

    [..YouTube..] she looks like Jennifer Aniston

    avatar HabeshaQweenHabeshaQween:

    [..YouTube..] Amazing, she reminds me of Lauryn Hill a little in how raw and full of emotion she is.

    avatar offsevenoffseven:

    [..YouTube..] Maybe:
    She looks like ***
    She sounds like ***
    She remind you of ***
    But she is Selah Sue <3 unique.

    avatar bressanoramabressanorama:

    [..YouTube..] never AMY , you sound like JANIS ! yeah the Joplin……….great girl! great voice!

    avatar StaticMStaticM:

    [..YouTube..] @cerisedemalak
    the soul of the wemen is in the kitchen

    avatar cerisedemalakcerisedemalak:

    [..YouTube..] @SoulKitchenfr Ok Thanks ! :)

    avatar KickitToDaCurbKickitToDaCurb:

    [..YouTube..] close your eyes and enjoy the gift she is giving us. please stop judging, stop comparing her to other artist, she is in a league all her own.. Thank you Selah.

    avatar iLooveEEdwardiLooveEEdward:

    [..YouTube..] does someone know the chords ? it is such a wonderful song and i would love to play it too!

    avatar TheMusique07TheMusique07:

    [..YouTube..] c est vraiment tripant !!:)

    avatar lologuemlologuem:

    [..YouTube..] Je tente d’écrire les paroles. Soyez indulgent. I try to write down the lyrics. Please be lenient.
    It’s out there, summertime bring me joy
    Cause I can’t seem to find it no more
    It’s never them, but you are so defending them
    And I am sure that I can’t change
    Thereafter all this time I still down know
    It hasn’t been what I hoped for
    And so here am I, my restless soul, yeah

    {Do you feel alone
    All by yourself
    Do you need something more} x2
    Than this (x3)

    avatar lologuemlologuem:

    [..YouTube..] 2) It’s out there, summertime bring me joy Cause I can’t seem to FAKE it no more It’s never them, but you are so CARESSING them I JUST KNOW BUT I can’t change Thereafter all this time I still down know It hasn’t been what I hoped for And so here am I, I rest my soul, yeah Do you feel alone All by yourself Do you need something more Do you feel alone DO YOU FEEL SCARED Do you need something more Than this (x3)

    It’s out there summertime bring me joy Cause I can’t seem to find it no more.

    avatar AreaFilthy1AreaFilthy1:

    [..YouTube..] nice live solo session, but I miss the organ from the album version : it’s the icing on the cake ;-)

    avatar SSBOSSBO:

    [..YouTube..] Cette vidéo appelle mes larmes! :)
    She wants me cry?

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SK* Session : Anita Drake

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