Vidéo : Little Simz – Introvert

Introvert ouvre le nouvel album de Little Simz Sometimes I Might Be Introvert disponible le 3 septembre sur son propre label, Age 101 Music et ce titre donne le ton avec son intro ample, ses accents symphoniques et ce flow qui coule de source, véritable liquide en fusion.

Little Simz nous embarque dans un voyage et ce ne sont pas des vacances. Little Simz voit grand avec ce morceau d’ouverture tempétueux qui tonne comme un programme en évoquant les fractures sociales, le recul des droits civiques, la violence quotidienne ou le black feminism. Tournées au Musée d’Histoire Naturelle de Londres par Salomon Ligthelm, on pourrait rapprocher ces images du jeune noir à l’épée d’Abd Al Malik et bien sûr de la formidable série de Steve McQueen, Small Axe. The top of the mountain is nothing without the climb, mais la montagne est plus élevée pour certains que pour d’autres.

L’album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert de Little Simz sort le 3 septembre chez Age 101 Music, il est disponible en précommande.

Little Simz – Introvert

The kingdoms on fire
The blood of a young messiah
I see sinners in a church
I see sinners in a church
Sometimes I might be introvert
There’s a war inside
I hear battle cries
Mothers burying sons
Young boys playing with guns
The devils a liar
Fulfil your wildest desires
Now I don’t wanna be the one to doctor this
But if you can’t feel pain then you can’t feel the opposite
The fight between the ying and yang is a fight you’ll never win
I studying humans that makes me an anthropologist
I’m not into politics
But I know it’s darks times
Parts of the world still living in apartheid
But if I don’t take this winners flight
That’s career suicide
Though I should’ve been a friend when your grandma died
I see the illness eat my aunt laying in her bed
I see her soul rising as her body gets closer to death

Find a way I’ll find a way
The worlds not over
I will make it don’t you cry
In God we trust
Cos we’re not alone

I need a licence to feel
Internal wounds and I’m not tryna be healed
I sabotage what we are trying to build
Cos of feelings I keep inside but it’s time to reveal
I hate the thought of just being a burden
I hate that these conversations are surfaced
Simz the artist or Simbi the person
To you smiling but really hurting
I dedicate my life and gave my heart over 20 something years left wondering how I even feel
Or was it was even worth it
I bottle up and then spill it verses
One day I’m wordless next day I’m a wordsmith
Close to success but to happiness I’m the furthest
At night I wonder if my tears will dry on their own
Hoping I will fulfil Amy’s purpose
Angel said don’t let you ego be a disturbance
Inner demon said mother fucker you earned this
Like they strip you of everything your deserving
Realise there is a prison is us
We are conditioned as fuck
Man It’s like they can’t sleep till our spirit is crushed
How much fighting must we do we been fearless enough
All we see is broken homes here and poverty
Corrupt government officials lies and atrocities
How they talking on what threatening the economy
Knocking down communities to re up on properties
I’m directly effected It does more than just bother me
Look beyond the surface don’t just see what you wanna see
My speech ain’t involuntary
Project with intention straight from my lungs
I’m a black woman and I’m proud one
We walk in blind faith not knowing the outcome
But as long as we unified then we’ve already won

Find a way I’ll find a way
The worlds not over
I will make it don’t you cry
In God we trust
Cos we’re not alone

And so it begins
The base is an amalgamation of everything
Rules are not to be played by rebels
The story of never ending
Your introversion led you here
Intuition protected you along the away
Feelings allowed you to be well balanced
And perspective gave you forsight
The top of the mountain is nothing without the climb
Only the strong will survive
Only the strong will survive
Alone but not lonely
Your truth unveils with time
As you embark on a journey
Of what it takes to be a woman


Tracklist : Little Simz - Sometimes I Might Be Introvert
  1. Introvert
  2. Woman ft. Cleo Sol
  3. Two Worlds Apart
  4. I Love You I Hate You
  5. Little Q Part 1 (Interlude)
  6. Little Q Part 2
  7. Gems (Interlude)
  8. Speed
  9. Standing Ovation
  10. I See You
  11. The Rapper That Came to Tea (Interlude)
  12. Rollin Stone
  13. Protect My Energy
  14. Never Make Promises (Interlude)
  15. Point and Kill ft. Obongjayar
  16. Fear No Man
  17. The Garden (Interlude)
  18. How Did You Get Here
  19. Miss Understood

Little Simz en concert.


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Milan (Italy)

Volkshaus Zürich

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Arena Vienna

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Berlin (Germany)

Uebel & Gefährlich

Hamburg (Germany)

Amager Bio

Copenhagen (Denmark)

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