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SK* Session : James Vincent McMorrow

J’aurais pu rencontrer James Vincent McMorrow dans un pub de Dublin autour d’une bonne Guinness, en fait James et son groupe étaient ce jour-là dans les studios de One Shot Not et j’ai eu la chance de pouvoir les rencontrer pour quelques minutes. Il faisait froid et ils avaient peu de temps, nous n’avons donc fait que quelques dizaines de mètres en direction du parc le plus proche, juste le temps d’apprécier sa gentillesse et ses sourires…

…et puis, surtout, de découvrir un artiste aussi génial. Il a tenu à jouer avec son groupe qui ont assuré les chœurs ; résultat : il nous a donné une des plus belles SK Sessions tournées jusqu’ici.

James Vincent McMorrow – This Old Dark Machine

Le vent s’est levé et a changé de direction amenant pluie, chant des oiseaux perchés derrière nous ainsi que le bruit de la route toute proche. Le son n’est donc pas aussi bon, j’ai hésité à diffuser ce deuxième titre puis je me suis dit qu’il serait dommage de garder ce From The Woods dans un tiroir.

James Vincent McMorrow – From The Woods

James Vincent McMorrow et son groupe sont repartis en direction des studios pour finir l’enregistrement de One Shot Not après m’avoir chaleureusement salué, une pluie fine s’est mise à tomber avec la nuit, laissant derrière lui, au moins, un heureux.
Ces deux titres sont extraits de son album Early in The Morning, sortie le 7 mars en physique et le 28 février en digital.
Et l’EP dans lequel figure aussi ces deux titres, est déjà dispo

Fou de musique au goûts éclectiques (électro, pop, rock, jazz...) fondateur de Soul Kitchen, réalisateur des SK* Sessions et photographe
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194 réponses sur « SK* Session : James Vincent McMorrow »

Magnifique, je ne connaissais pas du tout. C’est très émouvant. Par contre les pubs sur le coté qui se déclenchent avec du MJ dans les oreilles… arghhhhh

En tout cas belle découverte, merci.

Ah oui ! C’est très beau.
On peut juger de la musicalité de la voix sur la deuxième vidéo avec la guitare en sourdine.

C’est marrant les private joke, mais je vais expliquer :)
Donc, Rod ‘ Le HibOO’, devait filmer James le matin de ce jour là. L’oiseau de nuit, n’étant pas matinal, a décliné l’invitation. C’est un peu la fable du lièvre et de la tortue mais avec un hiboo :p

Superbes, ces deux vidéos! merci, merci de les partager.
Alain, est-ce que tu sais où on peut acheter cet EP (en physique) ?

[..YouTube..] First time hearing this and I’m instantly in love.
James Vincent McMorrow will you marry me?

[..YouTube..] i heard this on the radio live and just shut my eyes and listened ,its just so beautiful .. :’)

[..YouTube..] did dallas green bring anyone else to listen to this way too rad for my ears guy!

[..YouTube..] The fact he has the best beard the world has ever seen just add to how awesome an artist James Vincent McMorrow is, I’m dieing to see him live

[..YouTube..] OMG love love love…… Thank you sister for introuducing me to this man and his music!!! Cant wait till the gig in the pepper canister church now :) Roll on April :)

[..YouTube..] bonjour je recherche un micro et je trouve que le votre sonne super bien pouvez vous me donné son nom s’il vous plais? good job

[..YouTube..] the birds seem to be pleased… sounded like they were throwing a party up in the trees

[..YouTube..] @naynaybug007 noo im marring him!! even though im a hetrosexual dude, me and james will make it work!!

[..YouTube..] omg lads!! bon iver!!!! but not as gud, this is not fair its a complete rip off!!

[..YouTube..] This guy should do a duet with justin vernon!!! that would be awesomeee!!!!

[..YouTube..] @deadlybuzzboi ehhhh yeaaa i thought he was sooo similar to bon iver… but you cant say not as good…. there pretty amazing in there own way… and thats coming from me who is obsessed with justin vernon!

[..YouTube..] Brilliant idea, Bring music back to the heart . good beat, he just needs to keep it basic and not be remixing junk into it.

[..YouTube..] If you’re into this you should definately check out Ben Harper cos he’s fucking awesome and they’re very similar

[..YouTube..] @sinton09 yeah its still really gud its just kind of shit the way the guy has such a cool voice but using some1 elses style. i just wish hed use it with his own style, prob be alot more interesting then

[..YouTube..] don´t you hear the difference…….and talking about rip-off……wasn´t antony hegarty here for much longer…..
for me the voice reminds me much more of mr hegarty with some colours of marvin gaye…… down ……´s just music
beautiful anyway

[..YouTube..] I’ve listened to Hegarty’s songs before and no I don’t think it’s a rip-off. Hegarty’s style is eclectic and avant-garde, McMorrow’s more folksy. On the other hand,’s review on McMorrow’s album calls him « Dublin’s answer to Bon Iver » and yes there are similarities, but hey you can find traces of various artistes on other artistes’ albums. This is his debut album and he’s just starting out, but he’ll probably find his niche soon. Having said that he writes incredibly beautiful lyrics.

[..YouTube..] brilliant song, i’d never heard of this guy till i saw him on topman ctrl.

He does an awesome version of this song on that… gotta wait for that to go up on here.

really soulful, soft, yet powerful… == awesomeness!

[..YouTube..] @afro20man

You’re right, this is definitely humans at their best. Walking on the moon, discovering DNA & building the pyramids can fuck off compared to a few people singing in the woods somewhere.

[..YouTube..] amazing James V Mcm.xx cant wait to see you Liverpool 8/5/11 x good luck with the new album!!!!

[..YouTube..] I did a video of him performing This Old Dark Machine at the Castle Hotel pub in Manchester on 01/03/11, check my YouTube channel.

[..YouTube..] if its possible, hes better live. i hope this is brought to a mass audience as a talent so unique should merit its just desserts

[..YouTube..] I like the music, its…there and more than being somewhere, but Im glad I dont understand the full picture.

[..YouTube..] So simple.. but just amazing.
I can’t stop listening to his album ‘Early In The Morning’. McMorrow is quite unknown for his talent.. but anyone who likes his music, should definitely support him.

[..YouTube..] James just has complete passion for his music, you can tell with how he is singing. This is amazing music, can’t stop listening to his album.

[..YouTube..] @spindatish I know right? the music that is ‘good’ these days like all this Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber crap is not where it’s at.. this is it guys! :D
James, you are a legend. <3

[..YouTube..] Just one lovely track from a brilliant album… And is just me, or is he the image of James Franco?

[..YouTube..] As the saying goes, you dont have to be a drunk or Irish to be a poet, but it helps. Its no surprise to me that two of my favorite up and coming singer/songwriters are both Irish.

[..YouTube..] You, sir, are incredible.
Your whole album is stunning.
I’ve just read Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, can’t help but think this song (along with a few others on the album) would fit make a perfect sound track for it.

[..YouTube..] Him and Laura Marling have got to be the two ABSOLUTE best singer/songwriters around at the moment. Bootiful.


[..YouTube..] @Sparksterize probably feeling quite happy that two other people disliked it too;)
Goin to see him on 10th, cant wait:)

[..YouTube..] This melody sounds like an old french song call « Mon amour, mon amie » de Marie Laforêt, which is wonderful.

[..YouTube..] he sounds simillar to bon iver, same kind of style as well <3 so much lovin

[..YouTube..] saw him Tuesday eve in London- SO good, even though he was ill!! Definitely gotta see him live. Slightly in love with him :)

[..YouTube..] @mackerz91 OMG i was there to
was that the one where he was really not feeling well but still had enough juice to take the piss outta bruno mars haha

[..YouTube..] This is pretty shitty and bland. It’s only unique because no one has ever sung poorly in this borderline crying fashion.

All ya’ll teenie boppers check out Jeff Buckley if you wanna see a white boy sing his ace off proper.

[..YouTube..] @FuckingStanz stfu.
can’t we like this song without a teenie like you who thinks he’s cool ’cause he knows Jeff Buckley. Yeah, Jeff Buckley is good, he’s a legend, I like him, and I’m pretty sure a lot of people here do to. Did anyone write a comment here about James Vincent Mcmorrow being better than Jeff Buckley ? No. So what the hell? Go listen to another song and go think you’re a smartypants who knows music somewhere else, please.

[..YouTube..] @Claueex « Stfu » followed by long preachy paragraph? And yet, I’m not entitled to my own less winded preachy opinion?

Shut the fuck up, cunt.

[..YouTube..] @FuckingStanz the thing is your comment wasn’t ‘an opinion’. Try telling your ‘opinion’ without insulting others and then maybe i’ll accept it.

[..YouTube..] @naynaybug007 He probably won’t marry you because he might think that proposing via internet is repulsive, also, he doesn’t know you.

[..YouTube..] @FuckingStanz You are an ignorant prick. Teenie boppers? I’m a music teacher in my 20’s and I think this song is great. Who needs your opinion? What are your qualifications?

[..YouTube..] @FuckingStanz Yes, you are entitled to your opinion. It’s just that you come across as quite a dick when expressing it. In my opinion, and the 51 000 other people who have obviously viewed this for a reason, this is absolutely beautiful and we love listening to it…not sure why…we just do. It’s totally fine if you don’t…it’s art…there’s no right or wrong…that’s the beauty.

[..YouTube..] someone wants a slice of Bon Iver pie! which is fine by me, thank god real music is slowly returning :)

[..YouTube..] @pjramsay you wouldnt happen to know the chords to « this old dark machine » would you?

[..YouTube..] @housev this music gets bitches. Good luck landing on the moon or writing a decent song.

[..YouTube..] Fantastic stuff, what a great idea too to have a session in the woods! Puts the music right in its element.

[..YouTube..] not sure how a pair of ears culdnt fall in luv…n yes indeed the woods b the place ta sing n play…nature and humans at their finest…

[..YouTube..] @krunchykrunchy type it in the search bar here… most songs on this site you’ll need… at ultimate

[..YouTube..] Just FYI,
This guy is global …
People in Asia love his stuff… of all the places .. Pakistan…
Guess it goes to show you, music knows no boundaries.
I know he’s touring USA soon (or already started). Any idea when he’s performing in London

[..YouTube..] @RagingBaby true about birds but you’d think they could have stood further away from the traffic first

[..YouTube..] I remember hearing this on later… with jools holland. I fell in love instantly.

[..YouTube..] @fabis40 Wow. that’s what happened to me as well… Accidents like these are the BEST.

[..YouTube..] Saw him at Greenman without his band/backing singers…was a lot better. Whoever made the decision to have a band/produced the album is really holding him back

[..YouTube..] The bald guy was separated at birth from Paul Danan… Unless he is Paul Danan that is.

[..YouTube..] Does anyone know the model of that guitar? I’m gonna buy one, and the name would help ;)

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